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Lisa Hannibal: A True Leader On and Off the Court

Lisa Hannibal: A True Leader On and Off the Court

We had an opportunity to sit down with 2016-17 sophomore Lisa Hannibal ahead of the upcoming volleyball season. Hannibal plays outside hitter and is a well-rounded student-athlete at Cuyamaca College.

“Lisa has improved in all aspects of the game of volleyball,” said Coach Kevin Pratte. “She is an extremely dedicated athlete to our program, a scholar in the classroom, and most importantly an amazing person. The sky is the limit for Lisa.”

Have you taken a leadership role in any organizations on campus?

Hannibal: I am the president of the Orthopedic Technology Program Class of 2016 at Grossmont College.

What made you want to be the president of this organization?

Hannibal: Definitely the leadership opportunities. I am always looking for ways to challenge myself and to help others in the process!

What leadership styles do you use to encourage the organization to succeed?

Hannibal: As the youngest in the program this year, leadership for me is not about how old you are or the number or people that you are leading, but it is about how much you can put others first and being willing and humble enough to lead by example. Leading by example is key, and the people that you lead will notice it, and eventually follow suit.

How do you take these leadership skills and incorporate them into the volleyball program?

Hannibal: One goal that I made for myself this year is to improve my ability to play volleyball and to always be reaching for and wanting that higher level of performance. In relation to the leadership position that I have been placed in, it has been a great opportunity to lead by example and give my whole focus to what I am doing at the moment. Whether it be getting ten perfect passes in a row, studying for an upcoming test, getting drilled at work (I am a lifeguard), training to improve my vertical, preparing to lead a Bible study, or spot serving during a match. Whatever I do, I try to give myself fully to what is required in that moment, all of which goes back to leading by example.

Will these leadership skills prepare you to be a successful Cuyamaca women's volleyball team captain?

Hannibal: Most definitely! I truly believe that each and every woman on this team is fully capable of achieving their dreams and working hard in everything that they do, both on and off the court. It is a great privilege to be a teammate with each and every player, and I am honored to be their team captain. Volleyball is one of the greatest team sports in the world, and if each player works towards leading by example and strives for excellent communication, that is what leads to success!