Student-Athlete Spotlight: Brittany Maples (Women's Soccer)

Student-Athlete Spotlight: Brittany Maples (Women's Soccer)






Marine Biology


Brittany's Story

If you're a green sea turtle, you've got a friend in Brittany Maples.

As a sophomore at Steele Canyon, she turned her passion for marine life into a club called Project Beach.

"Project Beach was centered around hosting local beach cleanups twice a month," says Brittany, "in order to help preserve the fragile environment that contributes so much beauty to San Diego."

After graduating last spring, she spent her summer volunteering as an aquarist assistant at UCSD's Birch Aquarium. And after Cuyamaca, she plans on transferring to CSU Long Beach or UCSD in pursuit of a marine biology degree.

"My aim," says Brittany, "is to work in a career that allows me to research sea turtles and hopefully work with a disease prominent specifically in green sea turtles called Fibropapilloma."

While she's eager to dive in to that field, she's managed to make some friends on the soccer field as well.

"I enjoy every moment I gets to be with my teammates as well as the friendships I have created," she says.

Her fellow Coyotes are sure to appreciate her as well. Brittany has played key roles in both of the squad's victories this season, assisting on a Kayla Kinney goal in the 2-1 win at San Diego City and finding the net in the 4-0 win over Imperial Valley.