Mission and Philosophy


To provide all student-athletes quality intercollegiate sports that will complement the college's instructional programs, enhance student life on campus, and foster community interest and support.


The philosophy of Cuyamaca College sports is to give all potential student-athletes opportunities to master advanced physical skills, enjoy team participation, and gain benefits of vigorous physical competition. Student-athletes should gain rewards from playing sports that transfer to later life such as an appreciation for social diversity, increased leadership abilities, and the achievement of success through hard work.

The connections of academic achievement and athletic performance must be a caring and responsible service given by all coaches and support staff. Facilitating institutional goals towards higher rates of 4-year transfers should be a cornerstone in maintaining athletic eligibility for Cuyamaca athletes. The college should also benefit from the increase in full-time students that a sports program provides.

Intercollegiate sports at Cuyamaca create a student-centered campus, build school spirit and encourage spectator support by staff, families, friends and the community. Athletic events afford participants and fans a chance to use the beautiful facilities and to visit the campus.


Cuyamaca College Athletics is under the governance of the California Community College Athletic Association, the Pacific Coast Conference, the Grossmont-Cuyamaca Community College District, and Cuyamaca College. Athletic policies and procedures are developed and maintained to support these governing institutions, their rules and regulations.